2024 Resolution Submissions

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The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) no longer requires us to include any “whereas” statements to keep our resolutions short and to the point. However, if your issue needs some background to lay groundwork, that is what those statements provide. If you need to check and see if a resolution you are considering already exists or pertains to  in the platform, please reference the plank numbers where they exist.

Here’s a link to the current RPT platform: https://texasgop.org/platform/

Browse through the resolutions below or draft your own following the format.

Here’s a handy RPT Resolution Builder

Print three copies of any you wish to present at your Precinct Convention.

Bring a conservative republican neighbor/spouse from your precinct to vote with you at your Precinct Convention! Kerr County precinct conventions are Monday, March 11 @ 5 pm – Hill Country Youth Event Center.

You may also present these to your Resolutions Committee at our  County Convention. The Kerr County convention is on Saturday, March 23 @ 9 am – Hill Country Youth Event Center.

By attending these two conventions above, you can become a delegate/alternate to the State Convention in San Antonio on May 23-25, 2024. All committees will begin meeting on May 20th. If you plan to advocate for a particular issue or plank, we recommend doing it at the early meetings happening on Mon-Wed that week.

Please note…

These are examples offered by other individuals for consideration by others. If you do not like a particular resolution, just don’t use it! You are free to take an example resolution and rewrite it to suit yourself. We are all adults and can have civil but vigorous debate in the conventions. That is the process. 

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