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Special Event Series

Join us for week 3!

Tuesday, March 21
6:00 – 8:30 PM 

This is a 9-week class meeting the same time each Tuesday evening – began on March 7
We meet in the Fellowship Hall of

Impact Christian Fellowship

Biblical Citizenship in Modern America
hosted by our own, Bill Fitch

Now more than ever, our nation needs Biblical Citizens awakened to the dynamic opportunity, as citizens of the Kingdom of God & citizens of Earth, to restore Biblical values & liberty at the local level & beyond!

Hill Country Conservatives presents…



Wednesday, March 22
@ 6:30 PM

All Candidates Welcome

Prayer Gathering

Saturday, April 1
@ 1 PM 

Zion Lutheran Church

624 Barnett St (off Hwy 16), Kerrville

1-2 pm in the conference room.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

LIA MeetUp

Wednesday, April 5

6:00 pm

Meeting location:

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

Come support this local business!
5:30 pm – Order your food
6:00 – 7:30 pm – Meeting

Sheriff Leitha

County update on many issues we face.

 Bring your questions for the Sheriff.

Please join us!

Focusing on current issues affecting our community!


VIDEO Content to Share

Grassroots America We the People™ has created these 2 minute videos for re-use and sharing. Use them to help convince others – including legislators – that we must protect Texas with the right policies.


Legal Bulletin for HOAs

Legal Bulletin for HOAs

Do you live in an HOA managed neighborhood? This two-page bulletin addresses: Homeowner Associations (HOA) "No Solicitation" Restrictions Home Owner Restrictions on Yard Signs Share this with others! Share this with neighbors and your HOA board if your neighborhood...

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Political Sign Placements

Political Sign Placements

Let's keep our eyes open for sign placement violations. If you see a sign posted in a questionable location, please review the ordinances and these instructions on how to report it.STATE ELECTION CODE - CAMPAIGN SIGNS Title 15 of Texas Ethics Commission; Chapter...

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Summary of Kerrville Library Advisory Board meeting

Summary of Kerrville Library Advisory Board meeting

The meeting was originally scheduled to take place in late January but was pushed back to this date of February 21, 2023 due to a supposed lack of quorum. Commissioner Don Harris was not able to attend, so there were only liberal members of the advisory board present...

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Grid Down – Power Up documentary online

Grid Down – Power Up documentary online

Official Release of Documentary Announced!The documentary Grid Down Power Up is now available for viewing online. Visit the website GridDownPowerUp.comScroll down to the View Now section...Related Bills to SupportContact our Reps and Senators and ask them to sign on...

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Prayer Walk in Kerrville

Prayer Walk in Kerrville

God is more than able to change hearts and minds,and that everything we see happen has been orchestrated for His glory and the good of those who love Him. This is a fundamental belief of We the People - Liberty in Action.In light of this, WTP-LIA organized a 'Prayer...

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Kerr County Commissioners Court action on Library issue

Kerr County Commissioners Court action on Library issue

After hearing public testimony, the Commissioners voted 3-2 to give the City 120 days to renegotiate the contract. This is a step in the right direction. We pray and hope that the hearts of the city council members will soften and decide to protect the innocence of children. If the City does not renegotiate within that time, the contract will expire.

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The Fight Isn’t Going Away, and Neither are We!

The Fight Isn’t Going Away, and Neither are We!

The fight is ongoing and we are gaining momentum as more people in our community are waking up to the filth that has silently seeped into our children’s books. The city is determined to sweep this under the rug, and as “We the People” continue to speak up, that is increasingly difficult for them.

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Protest Follow-up and Issue Update

Protest Follow-up and Issue Update

It was an eye-opening meeting for many, as you got to experience for the first time laws being broken, continuous rudeness, unprofessional behavior, breaking of procedural rules, and censorship (the real kind). You also got to see what true character and professionalism look like…

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The Texas Power Grid

Panel Discussion

Our Texas Power Grid needs to be “hardened”, physically secured, and updated for future demand. 

Grid Down Power Up

This documentary is now available to view online!

2nd Amendment Rights

Gun Grabin’ Cornyn

and 13 other RINOs…

Gun control was signed into law. Your call was still important action to take – thank you!

Learn more about the gun control law does with this video breaking it down…

Call any of the 14 RINOs and give them your thoughts on what they have done… Let’s not forget!
Senate Switchboard:


Parent Directed Education

Our legislators need to understand the importance of parents directing the education system in Texas. Here are resources for the committee hearing Tuesday, July 26 at the Austin Capitol. Info compiled by Make Schools Safe Again.


We the People, Liberty in Action

seek to preserve our God-given rights as protected under the Texas & US Constitutions.

We are People who seek truth and work to hold state and local government accountable to the people. We encourage individual responsibility and self-governance as intended by our country’s founders.


We must keep Texas Hill Country Values…

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Limited Government
  • Rule of Law
  • State Sovereignty
  • God-given Rights
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Texas & America First

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