Keep your eyes open for sign placement violations. Let’s check OURSELVES as well as the OPPOSITION.

If you see a sign posted in a questionable location, please review the ordinances and these instructions on how to report it.


92.6 – A political sign may only be placed on property with the consent of the property owner. NO political sign may be placed in, on or over any PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY or CITY-OWNED PROPERTY (exceptions at polling places Chap 70).

92.10 – #3 no sign or part of a sign…shall be located on or above any city property to include public rights of way (exceptions at polling places)

#6 no sign shall be located closer than 12 feet to a power line.


Title 15 of Texas Ethics Commission; Chapter 259.003 allows signs on private property with permission.

It does not differentiate between developed or not.  A city cannot restrict the size of the sign, except if more than 36 sq ft.

The restrictions of HOAs are covered under state code chapter 259.002 then allowing homeowners to display 1 sign per candidate.

Take note of an address or landmark nearby or the cross streets.

Taking a picture of the sign in question would be good.

Check the map link below to verify that the location is in violation.  

Private property will highlight in a blue border, while city-owned and public rights-of-way will not highlight.

Be bold enough to report violations.

Call the Code Enforcement office at 830-258-1172

Be courteous & professional when stating that you want to report a violation regarding campaign signs.  If Code Enforcement says that campaign signs are given more leniency, restate that you are calling to report and then give the required info (ie signs on city property or in public right-of-way) and offer a picture and/or location. Make note of the date that you report for follow up.

After you call & report…

PLEASE contact us at  We need to keep a register of calls made to reinforce the sign ordinance Chapter 92.  It will really help as the ordinance is reviewed by the city in the near future.