It’s a threat to
private property rights.

Because of the pushback from some key lawmakers and ordinary citizens like YOU, the SEC has delayed adoption of the NACs and extended the public comment period to Jan 18th.
So tell the Biden Administration NO to NACs before it’s too late!

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This information from our friends at American Stewards of Liberty

American Stewards has set up a Natural Asset resource page on their website. Here you can access the Securities Exchange portal, file comments, read the notices, email your U.S. Senators and Congressman, and see all the key analyses, articles, interviews, and substantive comments filed opposing NACs.

On December 28th, the Securities and Exchange Commission officially reopened comments on the Natural Asset Companies (NAC) proposed rule. The new comment deadline is January 18th.

This is the second time the SEC has delayed approving NACs. Importantly, with the latest notice, they are instituting proceedings requiring the applicants (New York Stock Exchange and Intrinsic Exchange Group) show that NACs do not violate Securities’ law. This is a major victory for American citizens.