Sexualized Children’s Books at the Kerrville Library

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came out to the city council meeting Tuesday night, as well as all of you who listened online!

It was an eye-opening meeting for many, as you got to experience for the first time laws being broken, continuous rudeness, unprofessional behavior, breaking of procedural rules, and censorship (the real kind). You also got to see what true character and professionalism look like as Councilman Garcia does what is right and stands on principle.

He has consistently and relentlessly done what was right before God and for his constituents, no matter the odds or the consequences. If you have not already reached out to him to thank him, please do. He gets paid the whopping sum of twenty-five dollars per meeting to do that, meeting after meeting.

Many asked afterward, “Is this normal?” Yes, what you saw last night is “normal” at city hall.

Before giving an update on the library I want to quickly explain how hiring works with the city. The city council only hires and fires two positions, the city manager and the city attorney. All other positions, including the director of the library, are under the direction and authority of the city manager, E.A. Hoppe. The city council has no direct authority over the library director.

The meeting, which lasted nearly four and half hours, was not for the faint of heart, and I appreciate everyone who hung in there to the very end. It went long and late. The issue of pornography at the library was almost last on the agenda, so it was late before we got to it. We had thirteen people sign up to speak against it, and nine spoke in support of the library. Kudos to everyone who spoke.

Everyone did an excellent job of staying on point – pornography and sexualizing children, is ILLEGAL.

The other side sang the praises of the library and kept their talking points to everything EXCEPT the real issue. I saw many new faces and was so grateful for so much community involvement.
The Director of the Library was present and gave a presentation where she explained how books are chosen and displayed. There was no apology offered. She mentioned getting a “gold star” from the ALA (American Library Association) for all they do for the library. For a while, it felt like Mother’s Day as praises were sung to the librarians for their service to the children and community. It was almost as if they don’t get paid well for what they do, because it is their job.

Emily Drabisnki, the incoming president of the ALA is a self-proclaimed “Marxist Lesbian”.

This is not about free speech, or loving children. It is the opposite. It is about indoctrinating children with the Marxist agenda.

One of the steps in the Marxist agenda is gender dysphoria, and we can clearly see that the Butt-Holdsworth Library is helping push Marxist ideology here in the Hill Country. Anything coming down from the ALA is going to be godless indoctrination. I personally will not be taking my children to any library that is under the satanic influence of the ALA.

Fox News put out an excellent article on the topic this week. It is well worth the read:


At the conclusion, the issue was all but swept under the carpet. Councilman Garcia spoke and asked for council to do an inquiry, which would have allowed them to address what happened with the city manager. His request fell on deaf ears. Councilman Herring praised the library and the librarians. Councilwoman Clarkson apologized to Danielle Brigati, the library director, for “all she had been through”. The only solution offered was that next year the library will display a photocopy of the cover of the “Banned Books” instead of the whole book. As a quick side note, how are these books “banned” if they are right on the shelves?

Commissioner Harley Belew also spoke last night. He called the content that was on display where children would see it “child porn” and “illegal”. The city and the county have an interlocal agreement where county residents get free library access in exchange for animal control services. During the Commissioners Court on Monday morning, the majority of the commissioners made it clear that this agreement is threatened by this matter. Commissioner Belew said he will not be part of subsidizing child porn. He warned council not to die on this mountain, and it seems that the majority of city council did not care to hear that warning; they seemed more interested in sweeping this under the rug and getting to bed.

We all have a decision to make.

Are we content with this being under the carpet? Are we happy to quietly go away? Is this the America we will hand to our children and grandchildren? Will we continue to take our children to a library that is grooming them, normalizing sexual perversion and immorality, and exploiting children- unashamedly? Will we allow people who would choose to bow to woke and evil idealology, instead of to the Living God to influence our families and culture?

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Library protest and counter-protest last Friday (Sep. 23). Note that the ‘Pro Kid Porn’ side was allowed to be on city property (steps of the library). God help us if we had protesters on those steps; we would be asking for legal fund donations. 😛


If you are ALL IN on WINNING, here are two things you need to do:

There’s likely to be heated discussions between the city council and commissioners behind closed doors. So pray and do our due diligence. Contact the city council members and city manager E.A. Hoppe. Express your support for:

  1. Firing the librarian who selected these books to be displayed in front of the children and teen sections.
  2. Withdraw the Kerrville Library from the American Library Association (ALA) run by a self-described Lesbian Marxist.

Councilman Herring

Councilwoman Hughes

City Manager Hoppe


Judging by their response at the council meeting (a slap in the face), our elected city leaders will continue to not listen. Contact our county commissioners now and tell them you support the county withdrawing from its interlocal agreement with the city that gives county taxpayer funding to the library.

Judge Kelly

Commissioner Belew

Commissioner Gipson

Commissioner Letz

Commissioner Harris

Lastly, those of us who speak often start to get tuned out and we become ineffective. Some letters to the editor would be in order in our local papers from some “new” names. We know that on the other side of this issue there is a very loud minority.

We must not be silent.

If you are gifted in writing we have people that have done many letters to the editor and can answer questions if you have never written one. This is how some of you that are less vocal at meetings, but are great writers can play an important part. Please reach out if you are willing and need a little help.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

History is being written. We do not know how this ends, but we know who is faithful, and we know what we are called to do.

I have often pondered that every war ever fought against evil was not a guaranteed win. Our boys didn’t know they would win on D-Day. Deitrich Bonhoeffer didn’t know Hitler would be defeated. But they did what was right, even in the face of uncertainty. We can only do the same. God is faithful who has called us, and He holds the future.

Some believe Jesus is returning, so why fight the darkness? I have heard countless time “Well, He’s coming soon and it’s just going to get worse.” How do we know? The Bible says we don’t know the time of His return, and we are to continue on as if He is not coming. I am sure many thought it was end when Hitler came to power, and here we are. Let’s gather the courage of David, the faithfulness of Daniel, and the boldness of Esther. Who knows what God will do?

For Liberty,
Bethany Puccio