The following thirteen Republican Party of Texas March 5, 2024, Primary Ballot Propositions were approved in December by your State Republican Executive Committee Members (a male and female elected at the Republican State Convention from each of the 31 Texas State Senate Districts). 

These Republican Primary Ballot propositions represent the MOST accurate “opinion poll” possible since the Republican base votes “yes” or “no” on each one. Therefore, the March 5, 2024, Primary ballot results SHOULD guide our Republican Governor, Lt. Governor, House Speaker and all Republican State Representatives and State Senators regarding “the consent of the Governed.” 

These 13 propositions represent critical issues facing Texans. If you do not understand any of these, now is the time to ask questions. 

JoAnn Flemming of Grassroots America We the People adds: 

If the legislative candidates running to represent you don’t have a working knowledge (beyond surface talking points) about these issues, they are NOT ready to represent you! If they are challenger candidates and they aren’t ready – insist they get a crash course. We won’t have time in 2025 to babysit legislators on these big issues. They need to be ready.