Sexualized Children’s Books at the Kerrville Library

Many of you may have already seen posts flying around with images from the “Celebrate Banned Books Week” at the Butt-Holdsworth Public Library in Kerrville. 

You read that right… HERE IN KERRVILLE!

If this is the first you’ve heard- let me catch you up.

The City of Kerrville put out a press release on Monday that the city is sponsoring the “Celebrate Banned Books Week” at the public library. They mentioned titles that have been banned by the woke mob like, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “The Catcher In the Rye”. When I read the post I very nearly “liked” it, as it seemed like it was standing up to the woke mob to keep our classic literature in the library. What gave me pause was the rainbow coloring of the word “Celebrate”.

My gut was correct. The table set up at the library, directly in front of the children’s section “celebrating” these books had nothing to do with Huck Finn or Mockingbirds. Titles included “Two Boys Kissing”, “Sex is a Funny Word”, “Gender Queer” and many others. This is porn for children. This is grooming and sexualizing children. Gender Queer is written like a comic book with pictures and instructions for giving a gay blow job.

Yes, that content, in the library, in the Texas Hill Country, in “conservative” Kerrville. I’m grateful this has happened, because it has been nearly impossible to get people to believe it’s here in our little city- and now it is exposed.

As we have seen nationwide and with our three letter institutions parents are painted as the enemy. We are “book burners”. I will be a “book burner” all day long to protect my children, as God would have me. It’s my most sacred privilege, and I am honored to do it.

It is time for courage, not cowardice.

It is time that parents and grandparents stood between their children and this satanic agenda to destroy the next generation. The fight isn’t knocking at the door, it’s sitting at the table, and it’s time to clean house.

I visited the library yesterday to see it for myself and get some pictures. The table had been moved away from the children’s section, and some of the books were no longer there (they claim they were checked out). I spoke with Danielle Brigati, the library director about why she thought sexualized content was appropriate for children.


Sexualized Children’s Books at the Kerrville Library

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Join us at the Kerrville Library
from 4-6 pm tomorrow (Friday)

Please come!
(bring a sign if you can)
Protest these books and the sexualizing of our children.

Call the City of Kerrville and let them know what you think… 830-257-8000

Be respectful, but firm.

Join us at the City Council meeting on
Tuesday evening (9/27) at 6 pm
to address this with the city.

I spoke with Councilman Garcia and the city council had no knowledge of the city’s sponsorship of this prior to the press release. I can only assume they will want to address this and the content of these books. Consider coming to that if you are able.

It would be wonderful if these types of books were no longer welcome or available in Kerrville Texas.

See Ya’ll Tomorrow – I’ll be holding the sign that says “Butt-Holdsworth Groomers Library”

For Liberty,
Bethany Puccio