Kerrville Library Sexualizing Our Children

The fight isn’t going away, and neither are we!

The fight is ongoing and we are gaining momentum as more people in our community are waking up to the filth that has silently seeped into our children’s books. The city is determined to sweep this under the rug, and as “We the People” continue to speak up, that is increasingly difficult for them.

A Criminal Report Was Filed…

A few parents filed a criminal report with the Kerrville Police Department on Thursday of last week. When we checked on it on Monday it had been changed to an official complaint, filed with the city, and dismissed. It has been changed back to a criminal report, and an investigation is being opened to see if the law was broken with this obscene display to minors, and who if so, is legally responsible. We are calling for accountability for the city manager, the city attorney and most certainly the director of the library, who was responsible for the display. We will keep a close eye on this, and make sure it keeps rolling forward.

Mayor Judy Eychner continues to claim that misinformation was spread, and yet admits that she has never even looked at one of these books, nor does she intend to. It seems that the mayor of this city would be concerned enough about the welfare of children to spend a few minutes to look into it, instead of parroting the “fake news” line of “misinformation”.

If you have not taken the time to do so, please take a few minutes to look into the American Library Association and their incoming president, Emily Drabinski. Just a few minutes on her website www.emilydrabinski.com will clarify how important it is to break all ties with the ALA if we want to save our children and this country. Please take a few minutes to go check it out for yourself.
Please also do a quick search on each of the “Top 10 Banned Books” that were listed on the bookmark they were giving out during “Banned Books Week” (and I need to mention again that almost all of the “banned books” are at our library, so they are not banned at all). Here is the list:

#1 Gender Queer – This book is available online for free

#2 Lawn Boy – Pedophilic and targeting 9-11 year old’s

#3 All Boys Aren’t Blue –

#4 Out of Darkness

#5 The Hate You Give

#6 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

#7 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

#8 The Bluest Eye

#9 This Book is Gay

#10 Beyond Magenta

Keep in mind that most of these books are also in schools here.

Brandon Aery has been fighting tirelessly to expose them and get them out. He has found well over 60 books so far with graphic sexual content in our middle school and high school. So far he is the only local parent who is faithfully fighting to protect children from this sexual exploitation. Everyone needs to take a few minutes and LOOK at these books. It is uncomfortable and it is necessary, because it MUST be stopped.

PAUSING and LOOKING at this may be one of the most pivotal and important moments of your life.


City Council meetings are twice a month on Tuesday @ 6 pm

Please come.
If we all go away, this will go under the carpet.

Please arrive a few minutes early, and plan to speak if you are able.

At the Council meeting in early October, Councilman Garcia tried once again to get it on the agenda, and did not get a second to his motion, so it is not on the agenda, which means we can only speak during the visitors forum, which will happen right at 6pm.

They want us and this issue to go away. I will be there, and I hope you will too.

Rally again, and let’s keep the heat up!
Email, call, speak and let’s win!

If we cannot get pornography and pedophilic and sexualized books out of the children’s areas of the library – what can we do? They are after our children, and they must not win.

For Liberty – For the Kids,
Bethany Puccio

Keep the heat up!

Keep calling and emailing the commissioners, city council and management, and library. The majority of the commissioners are still on the right side of this, but we want to keep it loud and clear that this isn’t going away. (contact info for all are below)

Kerrville City Council & City Manager

Councilman Herring

Councilwoman Hughes

City Manager Hoppe

Kerr County Commissioners Court

Judge Kelly

Commissioner Belew

Commissioner Gipson

Commissioner Letz

Commissioner Harris