The Library Advisory Board met and are not addressing the ‘porn for kids’ issue.

Here is what happened at the May 24th meeting…

The Kerrville City Council chambers were packed on Tuesday, May 24 as the Library Advisory Board convened their meeting. We the People – Liberty in Action did not learn about this meeting or able to publicize it until the last minute, so we’re especially grateful to the roughly one dozen conservatives that showed up to defend the innocence of kids! Sadly, those who defended the obscenity in the kids’ section slightly outnumbered us this time.

At the Board’s previous quarterly meeting in February, they neglected to take up the City Council’s charge to review the library book collection policy. The City Council originally tasked the Board with this review project in November 2022.

The Library Advisory Board posted a meeting notice for January 2023, but canceled it, then posted a meeting notice for April, then canceled that one too. (conveniently waiting until after the election…) The City Council election took place on May 6.

So that brings us to the May 24 meeting. The Library Advisory Board finally took up the charge to review the book collection development policy after hearing from we the people during the citizen forum. We have repeatedly asked that all references to the American Library Association be removed from the Kerrville Library policies. It is a Marxist organization.

Instead, here is what the Board did with the policy:

  1. Book reviews can only be requested by library cardholders.
  2. Limited the number of books that citizens can request be reviewed. Now limited to five books per quarter, previously, there was no limit.
  3. Each book cannot be reviewed more than once every three years.
  4. Books must remain in circulation while under review.
  5. Requester must recommend a replacement book for the one under review.
  6. All American Library Association references were preserved.
  7. Clarified that a child cannot have a library card without parental permission.
  8. Requires that books be judged as a whole, not based on objectionable sections.

As you can see, the Board chose to double down and make it harder for citizens to express concerns about obscene material in the kids’ section. The City Council must approve these changes. The next City Council meeting will be on June 13 at 6 pm. Please mark your calendars and consider testifying against the policy changes.

Please pray for wisdom as We the People – Liberty in Action discusses the next steps to defend the innocence of children.


Continue to pray for God to change hearts and minds!

The City Council needs to hear from us again! We need your help to keep the pressure on our elected officials to make the preservation of the innocence of children a priority in our city!

Next City Council meeting
June 13 @ 6PM

Let those in leadership know how you feel on this issue. (contact info is below)

Kerrville City Council & City Manager

Mayor Eychner

Councilman Garcia

Councilman Harris
(remind him he won by 3 votes)

Councilman Herring

Councilwoman Hughes

City Manager Hoppe

Kerr County Commissioners Court

Judge Kelly Commissioner Belew

Commissioner Paces

Commissioner Letz

Commissioner Harris